Allocating Work Orders to Personnel

September 21, 2021

This subject can open a can of worms. We had a client ask if SWM could allocate work to individual people within the working plan. Some maintenance teams like the idea of the Maintenance Planner issuing work to individual personnel, while others believe that this is the Maintenance Supervisors role. (As they should know the capability of their own team members).

So yes, SWM has its own Supervisors Workbench that allows the Supervisor to allocate work to individual personnel and to produce Gantt charts for daily works either by Responsibility or by individual team members.

To help the Maintenance Management team understand and track work either completed or rescheduled the Supervisors Workbench also has a Work Order completion function, which tracks not only work order completion, but work that was rescheduled and the reason why it was rescheduled. 

That leads to one of our “out of the box” reports – “Work Order – Non-Completion”, which allows Maintenance Management to see the reasons why the work wasn’t completed as planned, it even shows you the days overdue and the delay history!

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