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Schedule Work Mate (SWM) is a work scheduling software that has the ability to schedule the working week against real time available man-power.

SWM gives users the visibility to the data they need, making it easy to determine what is most important, how much time can be allocated and what resources are available.

Schedule Work Mate provides the capability to:

  • Determine the shifts applicable to the site
  • Schedule the work based on the site’s roster against available resources
  • Create shifts, rosters and crews
  • Determine scheduling capacity
  • Create a weekly plan
  • Split work orders across a scheduling period
  • Create an outstanding work report
  • Create daily work planners for each day or shift
  • Create graphical reports over a 12 week window
  • Import roster information from external sources

SWM – Schedule Work Mate

AMG has developed Schedule Work Mate (SWM), a simple solution which integrates with Pronto to effectively schedule your planned work and then report those achievements through the Work Management Reporting module.

SWM – work order scheduling software specifically built for those businesses using PRONTO Xi ©

Scheduling Made Easy

SWM offers effective work order scheduling that reduces tool time and increases effectiveness of the maintenance team. SWM ensures all employees know what they are doing, when they have to do it and that all necessary parts and equipment are ready when needed.

Weekly and Daily Plans

SWM bridges the gaps in functionality of the Pronto CMMS, allowing the user to effectively pre-plan and schedule work over several days and across multiple departments. Reviews on the functionality of the tool show a 25% – 35% reduction in time taken to create a schedule for a working week.


SWM has effective work management KPI reporting that allows clients to monitor their performance. SWM assists in eliminating human errors and increases accuracy in real time.

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