Four new mining operations install SWM

December 30, 2023

Over the last couple months our team has been seeing an incredible uptake of Schedule Work Mate (SWM). We’ve had a range of key players within the mining industry reach out to us, overwhelmed with their own asset maintenance planning and seeking an easier solution. Our expert team has listened to and removed these pain points, introducing them to the SWM software and demonstrating how to best utilise the software for their unique situation. As a result, we’ve welcomed four new mining operations:

1. Evolution Mining

Evolution Mining is an Australian gold company, with projects across Australia as well as a project in Ontario, Canada.

We connected with the team from its Mungari gold mine, located near Kalgoorlie, to launch SWM on site and simplify their asset management and scheduling process. Getting the software live was a painless and simple process, which included a three-day training program attended by the Mungari team. The training ensured they had all the necessary skills to jumpstart their SWM experience. We look forward to seeing the continued benefits the Mungari team will gain from our software. 

2. Alkane Resources

Alkane Resources is a major multi-mine gold producer with operations focused primarily in the Central West region of NSW.

Alkane engaged the SWM team to assist on their Tomingley gold mine operation, saving them from time and productivity losses. Following the install, we provided the team with our comprehensive training sessions and facilitated a seamless integration of the SWM software into their asset maintenance procedures.

Our team left the site with the confidence that the SWM software was successfully up and running, and the Alkane Resources staff were highly knowledgeable on the ins and outs.

3. 29Metals

29Metals is a mining company focusing on copper and precious metals. They have a portfolio of long-life producing assets and projects across Australia with an additional site in South America.

The team at their Golden Grove operations reached out to upgrade their maintenance planning capabilities. Following the install of the SWM software and a successful upskill of the staff through our training sessions, the team is now seeing huge productivity gains for the maintenance scheduling team. 

4. Sandfire Resources

Sandfire is an internationally operating mining company.

We have just wrapped up an install of SWM at its new Motheo project in Botswana following a comprehensive training session for the Motheo team. We look forward to seeing the increased productivity on site as the team go forward, utilising the SWM software.

Want productivity gains like these clients? 

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