I need to see my purchase and inventory order status against my work order

September 21, 2021

One of the many challenges that exists for Maintenance Planners when planning a work order, is to identify whether parts ordered are available for the scheduling of a work order. Another benefit would be to be able to see whether parts are due within 7 days or are in fact overdue. These functions are standard with SWM.

SWM’s Scheduler uses visual indicators to provide this functionality as standard, allowing Planners to see the status of the required parts at a glance, as well as the timeframes of their expected deliveries. 

Furthermore, any delays to the deliveries of these parts will also impact the specific indicators shown, drawing more attention to the work orders that require it. Work orders requiring parts that were not received by their expected delivery date are shown with a red indicator, those with deliveries expected within 7 days an orange, and those with all parts received will be shown with a green tick. 

A grey icon will be shown when parts have not yet been received but are not required for at least 7 days. These indicators also reflect the statuses of purchase orders for items or services required for the work order. The specific contributors to each of these indicators can be immediately identified by right-clicking on a work order to open the menu shown below and then clicking on the relevant menu item to drill down into the relevant data and find the specific items that may delay work.

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