Mobile Plant – Availability / Utilisation / Use of Availability / MTBF, MTTR, MTBM

December 15, 2021

Being able to monitor mobile plant availability, its utilisation and the use of availability is paramount to any mobile plant fleet.

So, what are the definitions of these mobile plant metrics?

Availability – Calendar time that unit is available to perform its intended function over a defined period expressed as percentage.

Utilisation – Time that a unit is in operation over defined period of calendar time expressed as percentage.

Use of Availability – Time that a unit is in operation over defined period of calendar time (minus downtime) expressed as percentage.

So having a high utilisation factor, with a high use of availability would be the goal. Lower utilisation rates may drive a review of the number of machines required to perform the intended tasks.

To further enhance the management of mobile assets there are also other metrics, including:

MTBF – Mean Time Between Failure is the average operating time in hours between stoppages caused by breakdowns on an asset.

MTTR – Mean Time to Repair is the average time required repair a piece of equipment after failure.

MTBM – Mean Time Between Maintenance is the average time between all maintenance activities on an asset.

These metrics, along with machine failure analysis provide an overall view of the performance of mobile assets. SWM provides all the above metrics including failure analysis as part of our standard install.

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