Need the ability to split a work order over as many days as required?

September 21, 2021

Pronto Xi creates work orders at the “Header” level unlike some other CMMS that create operational steps / tasks, which can be assigned to individual departments and related resources.

So, if I am a Pronto Xi user and I wish to split a work order and be able to see the demand of resources from another department then how can I do that?

Within the SWM software, there is a provision to be able to split a work order into as many as required, the product also has the “smarts” to evenly split the resource hours over the amount of work orders. The estimated man hours can be adjusted to suit your resource availability if the combined hours add up to the parent work order hours.

Splitting the work order over the days required, enables the scheduler to evening load the daily work for the required resources. The software then populates the daily and weekly work order reports for printing and distribution once your schedule has been created.

As SWM also shows resource demand from other departments (once the work order is allocated a date and shift) the daily and weekly reports will print the work order with the resource demand form another department. No more hiccups in communication breakdown between departments and the work to be carried out!

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