Need to change WO dates and start times when planning your weekly work?

Two questions for you……

Question 1

When you are creating a weekly work plan outside of Pronto, let’s say in MS Project or Excel, then once you have made those date changes, you know, moved the work orders around to suit your labour availability, does your system then update the same work orders in PRONTO…… if the answer is no, then you need SWM.

You see SWM not only updates the work order dates and start times in the SWM Scheduler, but it also updates the work orders in PRONTO and if you want to update further data you can actually open the work order from SWM, update the work order in PRONTO then refresh the data to pull that back into SWM… simple, efficient and effective!

Question 2

How easy is it for you to pull maintenance reports from your current PRONTO configuration, if the answer is “challenging” then again SWM is the answer for you.

Not only does SWM – Schedule Work Mate software provide a wealth of work management reports it also provides the data that makes up the report, allowing you to interrogate the work orders not only in SWM but to open the work order in Pronto.

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