Resource Availability over Demand

September 21, 2021

As a Maintenance Manager I am sure you have heard the usual cry from your team “we don’t have enough resources” and when you ask the team to justify this comment, the usual response is “we just don’t have enough time in the day”.

With SWM you can monitor not only your forward load and backlog management, but you can track these hours against your capability.

Backlog and Forward Load

Backlog and forward load, some people call that outstanding work, however there is a bit of conjecture around these terminologies. If you schedule your PM work six months into the future is this forward load or is work that has been fully planned and put into a future working period forward load. We at SWM don’t get involved in these definitions other than to say whatever work orders you have in the Pronto Xi system we can present not only in graphic form by count and hours, but also show the work orders that make up the values present in the graphics.

Work Order Load

Work order load functionality within SWM gives the user the ability to see WO count, man hours, PM man hours compared to available man hours, inclusive of averages over time for the above-mentioned metrics. This reporting function is yet another report providing you with the capability to improve your work management.

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