Schedule Work Mate: “It’s turned a week’s worth of maintenance planning into a single day.”

August 1, 2022

Every week IGO Limited’s Nova nickel-copper-cobalt project southeast of Kalgoorlie faced excessive manual data management when it came to maintenance planning and scheduling. Constant manual exports and imports of Word docs and Excel sheets in Pronto, manual calculations and pivot tables meant planners and maintenance teams were frequently overloaded, with poor visibility and clarity over maintenance data and workflows.

When the Nova maintenance team was introduced to an innovative scheduling tool called Schedule Work Mate (SWM) in 2019 – which integrates with Pronto to schedule work orders for the working week against real time available man-power – the Nova team decided to put it to the test.

Developed by asset maintenance specialists, AMG, SWM entered into a development trial at Nova. Upon SWM passing the user acceptance test, Nova rolled back its previous system of Word documents, Excel sheets and pivot tables and facilitated a full SWM implementation. Planners undertook full training provided by the SWM team on and offsite.

The benefits were startling.

“We’ve seen a huge paradigm shift,” said Richard Bradbury, Senior Maintenance Planner at Nova.

“We’ve gone from having around 60% of the scheduled maintenance work completed to having above 85%, which is world class.

“Prior to SWM our planners were overworked. The productivity improvement from the tool has freed up 30 hours for each of them every week and removed the need for schedulers. They now have time to spend out in the field, communicating with teams and scoping work, and doing more training and development.”

All maintenance scheduling activity and progress is now visible to the entire maintenance team on the SWM dashboard.

Across electrical, mechanical, process and non-process infrastructure and underground metrics and monitoring for KPIs, backlog, outstanding work orders, and achievement of plan is all in one place, in real time.

“Both our planners and our maintenance teams are hitting KPIs and feeling a greater sense of achievement,” said Richard.

About SWM

Built by maintenance people for maintenance people, Schedule Work Mate (SWM) is the simple solution to effectively schedule your planned work, then report those achievements through the Work Management Reporting module.

All CMMS platforms can plan a work order, but not many can schedule the working week against real time available manpower like SWM can.

For more information download the SWM capability statement. Or request a demonstration today by emailing

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