Shutdown Planning with SWM

September 21, 2021

So, you have a shutdown coming up, as the Maintenance Planner you do the usual, extract the work order list from Pronto into your spreadsheet, import it into MS Project, then play around with the resource availability, (again against a resource availability spreadsheet you have put together) change the dates on the work orders and then go and change the work order dates in Pronto, sound a little like double handling to me and a time-consuming practice.

What if you could create your shutdown plan against known resources (Yes, you can add additional resource availability in SWM on the fly), change the dates on the work orders to schedule against the available hours both on day and night shift and then update the work orders in Pronto. That would save you a lot of time as well, wouldn’t it?

You would then only need to export and import into MS Project for your plan. SWM provides this functionality, in fact we are working on our own “Outage Planner” within SWM to alleviate those intractability problems with Pronto XI and MS Project – so stay tuned!

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